Translation services

Our commitments

Beyond words, a method

Qualité supérieur

Superior quality

Precise, fluid translations tailored to your needs
Maîtrise des coûts

Cost control

Professional results on an uncompromising budget
Livraison juste a temps

Just-in-time delivery

Integrated SaaS system to ensure quality and deadlines

ISO 17100: A guarantee of excellence

Our tracking system frees you from translation constraints, ensuring both quality and deadlines.

A solid methodology to ensure end-to-end follow-up:

  • BCOSelection of linguists
  • BCOTranslation methods and tools
  • BCOQuality control
  • BCOJust-in-time delivery
Certification ISO 17100

Quality is not achieved by chance, it results from a tested and tried method.

Fields of work

Our linguists always translate into their mother tongue, and specialize in specific fields.

Integrated management system

Each step is part of an overall process, with an integrated management system and powerful tracking and CAT tools:



Inquiry · Quotation · Project creation



Setting up the team of linguists · Translation · Proofreading · Quality control



Delivery via client’s extranet · Client satisfaction follow-up



Each client has a dedicated, secure exchange space. Documents to be translated are processed immediately.

Quality control

Each translation is proofread and quality-checked.

Quality follow-up

The translation project manager keeps a dashboard providing traceability for each document.

Client satisfaction follow-up

Clients can rate each translation.

AI-assisted human translation (THAIA®)

With AI-assisted human translation, BCO blends human excellence with cutting-edge technology.

Mémoire de Traduction

Translation Memory

Reuses phrases from former translations, thus ensuring consistency and accuracy.
Intelligence Artificielle

Artificial Intelligence

Analyzes and translates automatically, offering high quality pre-translation.


Preserves the meaning and nuances of the source text.
Our innovative approach delivers quality translations faithful to the tone and intent of the original text, at very competitive rates.

Key staff for a successful project

Our integrated project management system is based on 3 pillars: the operational project manager, the translation project manager and the team of linguists. Our clients benefit from a loyal team who will support them over the long term, thus capitalizing on valuable know-how.

  • RelectureOperational project manager
Your key contact person, providing technical and commercial liaison.
  • Autres - BCOLinguists
Translators, terminologists, expert proofreaders and editors.
  • interprétation chuchotéeTranslation project manager
A seasoned linguist, backed by solid linguistic expertise.

Our clients benefit from a loyal team who will support them over the long term, thus capitalizing on valuable know-how.

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Your needs are unique, and your satisfaction is our priority.