Our AI tools

AI democratizes simultaneous interpretation with cost-effective professional tools.

  • interprétation par ia - BCOVoice AI

Instant oral translation

A synthesized voice translates your words in real time into other languages. This technology offers both subtitling text and speech output.


Use cases

Communication with customers
Natural exchanges in your customers' native language.

Trade shows
Your multilingual interpreter on your stand.

Working groups
Available 24/7 for your business meetings.

  • Sous-titrage produit par I.A.Event subtitling


The speaker’s words are transcribed and translated in real time on various screens around the room. Speakers express themselves at their natural speech rate.


Use cases

Subtitling on one or several screens in the room, 35+ languages.

Meeting rooms
Subtitling to facilitate understanding by your staff.

International trade fairs
Your presentations transcribed and translated in real time.

  • interprétation chuchotéeWorking groups

AI post-processing

We retrieve the subtitles and process them subsequently using AI. This post-processing exercise enables errors to be rectified as needed.


Use cases

Subtitling retrieval and full transcription enhancement.

Retrieval of conversations with identification of participants.

Enhanced transcription
Creation of variable-length summaries.

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