Teams Meeting

Teams with integrated virtual interpreting booths

Participants attend a Teams session where virtual simultaneous interpreting booths are pre-integrated. No further integration is required, and participants use the native TEAMS features.

All advantages:

  • For Teams administrators
  • BCOUsual organization
  • BCOTeams calendar
  • BCOInvitation management
  • For users
  • BCONative functions
  • BCOSound quality
  • BCOMultiple languages
  • For interpreters
  • BCOProfessional booths
  • BCORelay, floor, handover functions
  • BCOBooth chat + interpreters chat

Seamless interpreting experience on Teams with virtual booths

Our solution stands out for its technical simplicity: no authorization is required to log on, no need for specific ports or VPN bypass, ensuring a crystal-clear professional experience.

Opt for the innovation, simplicity and quality of our remote simultaneous interpreting on Teams, and turn your meetings into effective multilingual communication arenas.

iBridge People

iBridge People - Teams BCO

Videoconferencing via iBridge People

Others may prefer the iBP platform, specifically designed for remote simultaneous interpreting.

  • BCOAll the features of a remote interpreting platform
  • BCOTranslated documents displayed on screen
  • BCOChat with AI translation