Interpreting services

A panel of interpretation options

Let us guide you to choose the type of interpretation that best suits your needs.

  • interprétation simultanée - BCOSimultaneous interpretation
The interpreter translates the speaker’s words in real time.
  • interprétation consécutive - BCOConsecutive interpretation
The interpreter and speaker take turns speaking.
  • interprétation chuchotéeWhispered interpretation
Low-voice simultaneous interpreting.
  • interprétation de liaisonLiaison interpretation
Consecutive interpretation in an informal context.
  • interprétation a distance - BCORemote interpretation
Interpreting via a videoconferencing platform.
  • interprétation par ia Interpretation by AI
You speak, and a synthesized voice translates your words in real time.
  • Sous-titrage produit par I.A.Subtitling by AI
Event-based subtitling transcribed and translated in real time on various screens.

Meetings tailored to your needs

We can advise you on the type of meeting best suited to your needs.

Physical booths

Standard equipment and interpreters physically present: All participants and interpreters are present in the same place. Equipment and facilities are standard.

Benefits: Traditional system

Virtual booths

Remote interpreters: Our interpreters work from virtual booths.

Benefits: More flexibility and less logistics: no on-site booths.

Distributed participants and interpreters

On a videoconferencing platform (via PC, tablet or smartphone).


No travel, more flexibility.

On-site and/or online meetings

Some participants meet on site, while others join the meeting on line.


Flexibility, time and cost savings.

Equipment and expertise

BCO can also provide quality conference equipment: complete interpreting booths and systems, or reliable, high-performance portable systems.

Highly qualified professional interpreters

Our interpreters are selected according to their linguistic expertise and fields of specialization. Our interpreters have long-standing experience and loyalty with BCO.

For secure videoconferencing and Teams options, please follow the URL links below: